Basement renovation contractors in TorontoBasement renovations Toronto. Custom Basement Finishing and Renovation in TorontoWhen it comes to basement finishing or renovations, optimizing the usability of the available space can be challenging. Engineered underpinning or benching can be implemented in order to raise the ceiling height of a basement. Below are pictures of our most recent basement apartment renovation and remodelling project in Toronto.
Fitting a practical kitchen and bathroom in the design of a basement apartment poses even more of a challenge, but by clever designs and careful planning we can ensure to include all the components requested by our clients at a highly competitive and set price and deadline.

Let us remodel your basement according to your specifications.  We offer complete basement finishing packages from design consultation to construction. Our team can refinish any space and work with a variety of materials.

While a basement renovation is a great thing to consider for many reasons you need to have a few things in mind. If you are planning on finishing your basement you need to keep track of the potential additional costs that might be involved in your renovation. For starters your budget for the Toronto basement renovation must include the fees for a remodeling architect. In some cases getting a permit to do a basement renovation might require an architectural plan. Keeping some money aside for the possibility of having to get an architect is essential.

The second thing you need to keep in mind when going about starting a basement renovation in Toronto is making sure you have a structural engineer report. If you are going to remove pillars or walls in your basement you need to make sure that this wont impact the structural support of your home.  The contractor might need the structural engineer to advise him on how to remove the walls in your basement. A basement renovations can be tricky just because of the structural aspect of things. Overall, the same principles apply with a basement renovation just like with every other type of renovation. We specialize in improving a home’s value by renovating basements.