Attic conversions and renovations.

Attic renovations Toronto. Custom attic renovation projects in Toronto. Whether you are looking for expanding your living space or looking for additional storage options, the attic can be an excellent way to do so.

The goal is to transform a currently useless space into another living area. The first step to every attic project is planning and deciding on the functionality of the space.
Just every other type of renovation, attic renovations also present distinct challenges. The first step to every such project is to make sure the space is structurally sound and that the structure can support the work needed to be done.

In organizing an attic renovation project it’s vital to consider how you’ll to have access to the future living space. If a staircase or ordinary door height entry-way already exists, then you are all set, at least from an ingress/egress view. Then you’ll have to find out where a standard staircase could be used within the residence, but if entering and exiting your attic is currently via an easy pull-down attic stair case.

Here are some things to consider. Ceiling height, knee walls, insulation, storage heating and cooling. Everything really depends on how you want to utilize the loft places where the roof line ties into the outer walls of the dwelling. Attics can be extremely hot within the summertime and extremely cold in winter months. Consequently it’s necessary to insulate effectively to avoid great fluctuations in temperature. Heating and cooling options also need to be taken in consideration when planning an attic renovation.
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